9 May

Visit to STEMM



Quota Club of Coolum Beach visited the STEMM unit at Burnside High School today and presented them with a cheque in the sum of $1,000.

Five members were given a tour of the facilities and gained some insight into the process of mentoring the young mothers as they continue with their education.

All ladies were impressed with the information received and enlightened by the staff and volunteers in this field.  It is the only program of its type within Queensland schools and very little funding is available for this work.

  • Supporting pregnant girls and young mothers in a safe, non-judgmental¬†environment.
  • Teenagers are given the opportunity to develop life skills, parenting, self worth, healthy relationships, pre and post birth plans.
  • Education in partnership with Education Queensland, TAFE and the USC, girls are able to re-engage with learning pathways towards certified outcomes.
  • Mothering skills are developed through access to a variety of experts including Maternity Services, Breastfeeding and Child Health.
  • Mentoring of the girls is individually matched with carefully selected and trained mentors.

Thank you to Jacqui and Janelle for allowing us time to visit today.


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